ANSim is a simulator for Ad-Hoc networks with focus on network connectivity. It is especially suited for statistical simulation with long simulation times and large networks. Therefore, ANSim abstracts from the lower layers and implements above the transport layer a mechanism similar to RPC(Remote Procedure Call) for the exchange of data between the nodes. ANSim checks if the location of the nodes Ni and Nj allows to send data from Ni to Nj. Whether such transmissions will suffer from collisions or transmission errors is not taken into account. Also transmission delays caused by busy transmission media in the real world are ignored. New links and paths between nodes can be used to one hundred percent and without any delay. ANSim supports the simulation of static and mobile Ad-Hoc networks and Ad-Hoc networks.


Measurement Station for Wideband Transmission Systems

Many tasks for optical and wireless transmission systems like analysis, simulations and simple measurements with available equipment are influenced by non-reproducible effects and are therefore not reliable. Accurate signal generators and signal analyzers with large bandwidth lead to reproducible and therefore reliable measurement results.

Our measurement station for transmission systems includes a 4-channel oscilloscope with a real-time bandwidth of 23 GHz, a 2-channel arbitrary waveform generator to generate signals up to 10 GHz, several multimeters and a programmable power supply. Automated measurements can be performed e.g. with LabView. Our measurement station is able to analyze transmission systems as well as single wireless transmitter and receiver within a large frequency range.

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