Long Range Wide Area Network Research Network

Status: completed
Supervisor: Horst Hellbrück , Swen Leugner
Student: tba


Lübeck became the next Smart City in Germany in 2018. Five LoRa-Gateways were installed to accomplish a network coverage of Lübeck. We like to setup a new, scientific LoRaWAN network for Lübeck. Therefore, we aim to setup independent LoRaWAN Gateways, Network- and Applicationsservers.


First, we do research for open source solutions to setup a LoRaWAN Gateway, Network- and Applicationserver. Depending on use case constraints, we will choose the best option. Second, we setup the servers and do research tasks like QoS, Network join time and round trip time for the research LoRaWAN. Finally, you provide a fully, well written documentation of your complete work.


  • Research on open source software solutions for LoRaWAN
  • Setup a LoRaWAN Gateway (open source)
  • Setup a LoRaWAN Networkserver (open source)
  • Setup a LoRaWAN Applicationserver (open source)
  • Find suited metrics to evaluate LoRaWAN e.g. QoS, Network join time, round trip time
  • Evaluate the research LoRaWAN based on 5 scenerios
  • Document how to setup a LoRaWAN Gateway, Networkserver and Applicationserver


  • Experience in Linux are required
  • Programming skills in C/Arduino are required
  • Experience with microcontrollers and radio chips are beneficial
  • Knowledge in wireless sensor networks is beneficial e.g. via wireless senornetworks in automation
  • Knowledge in Matlab, Octave or Python are beneficial for evaluation
  • Good self-organized working skills
  • Engagement