Robust wireless communication

Status: open
Supervisor: Horst Hellbrück , Swen Leugner
Student: n.a.


Due to the constantly growing number of devices in the Industrial, Scientific Medical (ISM) band, such as smartphones, tablets or wearables, the use of the band is increasing. The consequence of this increase are uncoordinated channel allocations which lead either to latencies or even packet losses. For industrial applications such as automation, these losses must be avoided.


Robust wireless communication is characterized by low packet error rates and latencies. This will be demonstrated by means of a wireless real-time control of a pendulum.


  • Development and implementation of an IEE802.15.4 wireless module
  • Evaluation of latency and packet losses in Hetrogenic radio networks
  • Demonstration of robustness by means of a standing pendulum


  • Willingness to familiarise oneself with a new subject area
  • Very good knowledge in the field of microprocessor technology
  • Very good knowledge of the programming language C
  • Good knowledge of hardware development desirable
  • Very good knowledge of Matlab/Simulink
  • Self-reliant work