Contiki Radio Stack Evaluation

Status: completed
Supervisor: Horst Hellbrück , Swen Leugner
Student: n.a.


In industry 4.0, the workpiece becomes intelligent and communicates, for example, with an ERP system. This communication is implemented cost-effectively using wireless sensor networks. With the size of the production, the number of sensor nodes and thus also the size of the sensor network increase. This results in collisions, for example with media access. In particular, the 2.4 GHz frequency range is affected, as several popular wireless technologies such as Bluetooth or 802.11 are located in this band. One way to reduce these collisions is to synchronize channel time jump methods.


Contiki is an Internet-enabled operating system and specially optimized for microcontrollers and sensor networks. Besides the possibility of multithreading and task scheduling, radio stacks are already pre-implemented. The robustness of these radio stacks should be checked.


  • Familiarization with the Contiki operating system
  • Setup a 2.4 GHz wireless sensor networks testbeds with switchable inference sources
  • Evaluation of the selected radio stack with different interference sources
  • Complete documentation of your evaluation, commissioning and predefined settings


  • Willingness to familiarise oneself with a new subject area
  • Very good knowledge in the field of microprocessor technology
  • Good knowledge of the programming language C
  • Self-reliant work