Instructions for Thesis/Projects

We provide actual important instructions for student projects and thesis. This download covers: Instructions in German; Instructions as Slides for English Studends (ECUST); Short Subversion-Tutorial (english); Word-Template (english); Important Forms and Proposal for Declarations; Proposal for Periodic Reports and Folder Structure.

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Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis and Study Projects


Title Type
Robust wireless communication Thesis
Digital signal processing conception, simulation and implementation of a MIMO transceiver for wireless in vitro communication Project


Title Type


Title Type
TSCH-Evaluationsensornetz (German) Thesis
Long Range Wide Area Network Research Network Thesis
Contiki Radio Stack Evaluation Thesis
Control system for the simulation of pressure changes in vessels Project
Time Series and Signal Analysis of digital demodulated Signals for Wireless Transmissions Thesis
Spectrum Sensing Algorithms with GNU Radio and USRPs Diploma Thesis
SDR-Platform for a Cognitive Radio Application Diploma Thesis
Porting Contiki to recent TriSOS Hardware and Evaluate IPv6 Functionality Thesis
Implementing "Testbed Hyper Nodes" in Java Thesis
Entwurf, Implementierung und Bewertung eines sensornetzbasierten Messsystems für Flächenneigungen (German) Thesis
Cognitive Radio Framework für GNU Radio Companion (German) Thesis
Investigation of Frequency Hopping regarding Coexistence with other systems Master Thesis
Bluetooth Testbed Diploma Thesis
Evaluation of ISM-Radio Band regarding it's Allocation Study Project
Auswahl, Inbetriebnahme und Evaluation eines Sendeempfängers zur Erweiterung als Selbstorganisierender Sendeempfänger (Cognitive (German) Thesis
Spectrum Sensing Algorithm for a Cognitve Radio Transceiver Study Project