TGZ - Technologies for a healthy future

Duration: 01.01.2019 - 31.12.2020
Project Leader: Prof. Dr.-Ing Horst Hellbrück
Staff: Roman Kusche, M.Sc.


The best place for thriving of innovation and creativity is where people share their knowledge with others. Through encouraging knowledge exchanges between research institutes and companies, “TGZ“ supports the innovation capabilities of the region.  Scopes for companies and scientists enable to evaluate new technologies in close cooperation with the network "Cooperation Management of Health Technology in Lübeck". In addition to the project-related exchange of knowledge, a technology transfer via scientific and technical consultations and various event formats is realized.


The CoSA Center of Excellence aims to achieve the following goals within the project:

  • Performance of an evident contribution to digitization in the health industry through networking with other fields of competence of the TH Lübeck
  • Increasing the efficiency of the regional innovation system in the field of research and knowledge transfer with employment effects
  • Intelligent specialization in the fields of life science, food industry and information technology

Project Partners

The TGZ project is carried out in cooperation with the Centrum Industrielle Biotechnologie (CIB) of the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences and the BioMedTec Wissenschaftscampus. It is part of the "Kooperationsmanagement der Gesundheitstechnologie am Standort Lübeck" program, which is financed by the "Landesprogramm Wirtschaft" of the European Union, the federal government and the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein.



Förderkennzeichen:  LPW-E/1.2.1/765