MOIN (Minimum Location Infrastructure)

Duration: 01.09.2018 - 31.12.2020
Project Leader:
Prof. Dr.-Ing Horst Hellbrück
Staff: Sven Ole Schmidt


A producer stores his semi-finished and pre-products in a hall with numerous narrow aisles in between. Inside the production hall, there are also completely enclosed rooms (sanding, welding and painting booths). From semi-finished and pre-products, the final product is manufactured in several operations. In addition to retrieving the semi-finished and precursors, the entire production process should be automatically monitored, e.g. Determine buffer times. In order to perform an automatic tracking of the production process, the position of the semi-finished and pre-products, as well as the production order, must be retrievable at any time.
With traditional methods, such as barcode or passive RFID, complete tracking is only possible to a limited extent. In addition, these methods cause considerable manual overhead (permanent simultaneous scanning of object and position) and pose a high potential for errors by forgetting a scan. The object can no longer be located in this case.
Existing positioning systems based on radio runtime measurement require a large number of reference points. Due to the hall topology described, the corresponding infrastructure for radiolocation would have to be set up in each individual aisle in this case. A location within the enclosed spaces would be limited or not possible by shielding.


The result of this project is the development of a minimalist location system. In contrast to established location systems, the required infrastructure (reference points, server and processing hardware) is reduced to a minimum. For the design and application of the location system, a simulation and planning tool is developed.

The subproject Modeling and Algorithms (Modal) of the University of Applied Sciences Lübeck develops solutions for the algorithmic part of the location system.

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