IoTiSS - Internet of Things in Smart Streetlighting

Duration: 15.04.2017 - 15.07.2019
Project Leader: Prof. Dr.-Ing Horst Hellbrück
Staff: Angelos Oikonomopoulos, Marco Cimdins


Streetlamps are ideal as an infrastructure of the Internet of Things, as they are present in large numbers within cities and have their own power supply. Existing solutions are currently controllable via powerline. Unfortunately, most of the systems do not provide a backward-channel, and, as a consequence, are not ready for the Internet of Things


In this research and development project, we develop a radio network module. With this module, street lamps are enabled for communication within a smart city. To avoid costly civil engineering, the module will be integrated into existing light fixtures. By employing standardized wireless communications within the ISM-band, a backward-channel is created for the street lamps. In contrast to many existing light systems, we develop an open platform for the street light applications. In addition, an important goal is to develop a standardized interface for future applications and integration of additional wireless devices. The challenge is to design a radio network module and a transport network to support a large number of devices (e.g. 40,000) as well as a large area (e.g. over 100 km²). The applications should be able to run in parallel and without distortions.

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