Current Research Projects

  • DRAISE - Wireless, robust, adaptive, industrial Systems
  • IoTiSS - Internet of Things in Smart Streetlighting
  • MOIN - Minimum Location Infrastructure
  • EXTENSE - Development of a measuring system (multisensor platform) for detection and localisation of objects (cables, ammunition and deep-sea mining) in sediments.

Completed Projects

  • SoFT - Self-organizing RF Transmission
  • HERDS - Firm Realtime Control with Wireless Sensors
  • TriSOS - Smart Object Systems, Self-Organizing Systems, Service Oriented Systems
  • m:flo - Multiple Frequency Bands for Localisation
  • SoCoR - Strategies for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks
  • BOSS COGNET - Bionic Observation and Survey System – Cognition and Network