Wireless Transmission

CoSA develops and implements innovative wireless techniques, new methods of networking and networked systems. The increasing capabilities of embedded systems and the advancing miniaturization of hardware including sensors and actuators, enable novel systems through prototype and product development. Especially in the field of mobile applications, wireless transmission facilitates the ease of use and thus the necessary user acceptance.

We perform analysis, simulation, measurements and performance evaluation for all kinds of wireless systems. Components and systems are analyzed in lab and in the field. We evaluate existing protocols and develop new hardware and software components.

Due to the variety of possible applications for wireless systems, one future challenge is to ensure the coexistence among different radio transmissions. Coexistence is achieved when the radio transmissions do not interfere with and thus disturb each other. Therefore, another goal of CoSA research is to increase the reliability and robustness of wireless transmission for applications using Cognitive Radio and Software Defined Radio.

Furthermore, we are working on the development and the integration of modules and systems for underwater communication, networking and control of underwater vehicles.


Current Research Projects

  • MOIN - Minimum Location Infrastructure
  • EXTENSE - Development of a measuring system (multisensor platform) for detection and localisation of objects (cables, ammunition and deep-sea mining) in sediments
  • MITTELSTAND 4.0 - Industry 4.0 for medium-sized businesses
  • TGZ - Technologies for a healthy future

Completed Projects

  • DRAISE - Wireless, robust, adaptive, industrial Systems
  • IoTiSS - Internet of Things in Smart Streetlighting
  • SoFT - Self-organizing RF Transmission
  • HERDS - Firm Realtime Control with Wireless Sensors
  • TriSOS - Smart Object Systems, Self-Organizing Systems, Service Oriented Systems
  • m:flo - Multiple Frequency Bands for Localisation
  • SoCoR - Strategies for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks
  • BOSS COGNET - Bionic Observation and Survey System – Cognition and Network