Further reinforcement in PASBADIA - 29.06.2020 08:23

Two new employees, Linda Held and Caitlin Toogood, have recently joined the team of the joint project PASBADIA. We would like to introduce them briefly here.

Bild: PASBADIA-Employee Linda Held

Linda Held is a doctor at the Institute of General Medicine in Lübeck. Her task in this interdisciplinary research project is to identify barriers and promoting factors that are important for the integration of AI and smartphone-based applications for the early detection of ocular fundus pathologies in the daily routine of a general practitioner. In this way, it should be ensured that the project, after its technical implementation, is transferred into medical practices and actively used there.

"I find it very exciting to work in a team in which the same topic is dealt with from different perspectives." - Linda Held


Bild: PASBADIA-Employee Caitlin Toogood

Caitlin Toogood is currently working for the Laboratory of Medical Optics as a research associate and has had a long journey to join the PASBADIA team. After working as an optician, she started her studies in "Mechanical Engineering" in Perth, Australia. After this, her path led her to Lübeck, where she deepened her skills in medical technology in the joint master's course "Biomedical Engineering" of the Technical University of Lübeck and the University of Lübeck.

She supports the PASBADIA team in mechanical and product design, literature research and various experimental laboratory projects.

"I began my studies in Australia with the dream of developing patient-centered medical devices in the field of ophthalmology." - Caitlin Toogood

We would like to welcome both of them to the PASBADIA team, which is now almost complete. We are looking forward to working together with Linda and Caitlin.


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