Digital transfer project in Lübeck hairdressing salon with CoSA - 08.12.2020 08:06

In the project Mittelstand 4.0, CoSA supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in digitization.

In the transfer project with the hairdressing salon "Wunderschön" in the Lübeck district of Genin, a newly installed network of CO2 sensors measures the quality of the indoor air in the salon. This data can be used to ventilate more specifically so as not to exceed the recommended amount of CO2 in the air. Especially in times of the corona pandemic, this is an important issue for the correct ventilation of the rooms.

The "Lübecker Nachrichten" took this as an opportunity to report on the project. You can find the related article here (german).

If you and your SME also need support in the context of digitization, please contact us using the contact details below. The consulting services are free of charge for SMEs, as we are funded by the Mittelstand Digital initiative.

Contact Person:
Horst Hellbrück
Tel: 0451/300 5042

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