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More informations about the Day of Science

The "Day of Science 2013" took place on Saturday, the 26th October at the University Church of St. Petri. 

The researchers, developers and users designed the day on the subject "digital society" in forms of lectures, interactive Islands of knowledge and experiments. 

On the booth of Fachhochschule, the CoSA research group was featured.  They showed for example how to detect wireless networks with your smartphone, how robotic vacuum cleaners work and how valuable exhibits in museums could be secured by highly sensitive sensors.

In addition to musical accompaniment by students of Music Academy Lübeck, there were offered 15-minute entertaining lectures. Topics included for example: "Does the Internet really fly through the air?", "Digital recognition service " or "Digital Intelligence in the intensive care unit". Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Horst Hellbrück held the final lecture in front of the eight-to twelve year old mini masters. His topic was: "How does the Internet work in a hands-on approach?"

As usual, the 6th Science Day in Lübeck was a great event for both large and small discoverers of the digital world.

Photos of the Science Day can be found here:

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