Phase Measurement for Localization

Status: completed
Supervisor: Horst Hellbrück , Mathias Pelka
Student: n.a.


Distance measurements can be used to determining the position in space. If there are enough distance measurement between anchor and tags available, the position of the tag can be calculated.


Phase measurement can be used to measure such distance. The phase of a signal carries distance information. To extract that distance information, a reference signal must be employed. Such a reference signal can be generated for a local oscillator. The reference signal will be compared against a radiated signal and the phase difference can be determined. By using different frequencies, it is possible to derive the distance between a two participants of a network.


  • Introduction in radio frequency engineering.
  • Design and development of hardware in VHDL to generate, radiate and measure signals.
  • Documentation and evaluation of the work.


  • Knowledge in radio frequencies.
  • Knowledge in VHDL.