Graphical Navigation

Status: completed
Supervisor: Horst Hellbrück , Mathias Pelka
Student: Peter Lucht


GPS signal can be used for navigation of a car in rural areas. In environments with no GPS signal, Quick-Response (QR) can help. Smartphone or Tablets can read such QR-codes. If the QR-codes contain special data, then it is possible that QR-codes can be used also for navigation purposes.


We aim for an Android app which can read and decode QR-codes. With data from QR-codes a database will be queried and a route to a target destination will be found.


  • Use of Android Studio and takeover of a already existing project
  • Design and Development of an Android App to read and decode QR code and to determine a route to a target destination
  • Visualization of the route


  • Knowledge of Image Processing, Communication- and Information Technology
  • Knowledge of JAVA
  • Experience in GUI design