Channel State Information based Localization

Status: completed
Supervisor: Horst Hellbrück , Marco Cimdins
Student: n.a.


Strength measurements are employed in many localization systems. On the one hand they are used to determine the distance, at the other hand they are used to determine changes within the radio environment. The change of signal strength is used to detect the presence and position of persons. Instead of using e.g. RSSI-values, this should be done with the fine-grained channel state information (CSI).


In this thesis commercially available hardware is created that is able to measure the IEEE 802.11 channel state information (CSI) out of the transmitted packets. Subsequently the CSI will be compared to widely available signal strengths measurements, such as the RSSI value.


  • Training in localization systems
  • Development and installation of hardware, that is able to measure the CSI
  • Documentation and evaluation of the results


  • Knowledge of radio frequency, communication- and information technology
  • Experience in MATLAB