Ultrasonic Distance Measurements on a Microcontroller Platform

Status: completed
Supervisor: Horst Hellbrück , Grigori Goronzy
Student: n.a.


Distance measurements are an important part of indoor localization of objects and persons. Ultrasonice technology is capable of providing accurate distance measurements. Microcontrollers provide hardware interfaces and computational power to evaluate raw data of ultrasonic range sensors.


In this project an ultrasonic sensor for distance measurement is chosen. Characteristics such as accuracy and repeatability of ultrasound distance measurements are studied under different conditions and evaluated with a chosen microcontroller based system.


  • Selection of an ultrasonic sensor for distance measurements and a microcontroller platform
  • Design and development of a software to perform ultrasound distance measurements
  • Evaluation of the results in a chosen scenario
  • Documentation of the measurement results


  • Knowledge of C programming and microcontrollers
  • Knowledge of digital signal processing is a plus