Instructions for Thesis/Projects

We provide actual important instructions for student projects and thesis. This download covers: Instructions in German; Instructions as Slides for English Studends (ECUST); Short Subversion-Tutorial (english); Word-Template (english); Important Forms and Proposal for Declarations; Proposal for Periodic Reports and Folder Structure.

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Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis and Study Projects


Title Type
Comparison of Filter Systems in a CIR-based 2-dimensional Location Cell Thesis


Title Type


Title Type
Entwicklung, Implementierung und Evaluation von neuronalen Netzen zur Modellierung einer in-situ Schmelzbadüberwachung für den Thesis
Modelling of Chaotic Systems and State Prediction with Artificial Neural Networks Project
Use Case Driven Chirp and Frame Configuration for FMCW Radars Thesis
Modeling, implementation and evaluation of SLAM for determination of anchor configurations Thesis
Simulation of Radio Propagation Project
RFID Data Aquisition Thesis
Commissioning of Telepresence Robots Project
Automatic approach to determine positions of reference points Thesis
Channel State Information based Localization Thesis
3D Pose Estimation With RGB-D Cameras Project
Investigation of different schemes for two-way ranging Project
Evaluation of SIGFOX for Internet of Things Project
Evaluation of LoRaWAN for Internet of Things Project
Optical underwater distance measurement Project
Evaluation of Bluetooth Low Energy for Indoor Localization System Design Project
Design and Evaluation of Ultra-Sonic Distance Estimation System Design Project
Client / Server Data Base Application for QR Code Navigation System Design Project
Passive Localization Systems - Spectrum Sensing Thesis
Development and Evaluation of a TDoA system Thesis
Development of an Inertial Measurement Unit with Fast Response Time Thesis
Ultrasonic Distance Measurements on a Microcontroller Platform Project
Enhancement of FULFILL framework - Integration of maps and 3D floor plan models Bachelor Thesis
Position Algorithm Simulation Thesis
Phase Measurement for Localization Thesis
Graphical Navigation Thesis
Distance estimation for a mobile robot platform with Microsoft Kinect Thesis
Analysis, Setup and Evaluation of an Indoor Localization System for Medical Applications Thesis
Precise Posture Detection of a lying Patient with TriSOS Sensor Network Thesis
Precise Posture Detection of a lying Patient with a Microsoft Kinect Thesis
Auswertung und Untersuchung von graphischen Codes Thesis