Instructions for Thesis/Projects

We provide actual important instructions for student projects and thesis. This download covers: Instructions in German; Instructions as Slides for English Studends (ECUST); Short Subversion-Tutorial (english); Word-Template (english); Important Forms and Proposal for Declarations; Proposal for Periodic Reports and Folder Structure.

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Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis and Study Projects


Title Type


Title Type


Title Type
Test and evaluation of the Cooja Network Simulator Project
Entwurf, Implementierung und Test einer Software-Lösung zur Ansteuerung eines FTDI-Chips (German) Thesis/Internship
Mustererkennung in Multibeam Sonarbildern mit Hilfe des OpenCV Frameworks (German) Study project
Automatic Analysis of AUV Log Data for Expert System Generation Study Project
Tool-Support for Name-Centric Services in the Internet of Things Thesis
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Control using Expert System based Building Blocks Thesis
Implementing Control Mechanisms for the OpenROV underwater vehicle in the Navigational Environment DUNE Thesis
Implementation of a C/C++ Library for Sonar Data Feature Extraction Thesis
Enhancement of a Code Generator for System Integration in the Context of AUV Control Thesis
Technical Documentation in Context of Hard- and Software Study Project
Porting Contiki to recent TriSOS Hardware and Evaluate IPv6 Functionality Thesis
Konzeption und prototypische Entwicklung eines Mikroprozessorsystems für einen mobilen Audiorekorder (German) Master Thesis
Implementing "Testbed Hyper Nodes" in Java Thesis
Implementation of a standards-compliant file system for the TriSOS sensor nodes Thesis
Implementation of Movement Pattern for Roomba Robots Thesis
IEEE 802.15.4 MAC-Layer Implementation for Wireless Sensor Networks Thesis
Entwurf, Implementierung und Bewertung eines sensornetzbasierten Messsystems für Flächenneigungen (German) Thesis
Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Content-Centric Networking Protocol on a Wireless Sensor Network Platform Thesis
Library Application supporting Android Clients Thesis
CoAP Implementierung für die TriSOS-Sensorknoten (German) Thesis
Survey of Ad-Hoc Network Simulation and Performance Evaluation Diploma Thesis
Filesystems for Non-Volatile Memories on Wireless Sensor Nodes Diploma Thesis
Konzeption und Integration eines OMERO-Servers zur Verwaltung und Bereitstellung von Mikroskop-Bilddaten (German) Thesis
Design, Implementation and Evaluation of P2P Solution for Distribution of large Files in LANs Thesis
Investigation and Implementation of Security Mechanisms in wireless Sensor Systems Thesis
Konzeption eines Labors für WLAN-Versuche (German) Thesis