Duration: 01.07.2020-30.06.2023
Project Leader:
Prof. Dr.-Ing Horst Hellbrück

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AI is a key technology that has the potential to influence or change entire economic sectors in the long term.

In this context, AI stands in the connection with the even more far-reaching topic of Industry 4.0, which is itself closely linked with the term Internet of Things (IoT). Together, these technologies form the global infrastructure of information societies, which enable physical and virtual objects to be networked with each other and made to work together through information and communication technologies. By means of greatly improved computing capacity and intelligent algorithms, advances are generated which make the solutions appear "intelligent" and "smart".

The CoSA competence centre at the THL conducts interdisciplinary and application-oriented research in the field of artificial intelligence. The focus is on the question of how AI procedures in various fields of application - especially in the Internet of Things (IoT) - can be meaningfully integrated into existing systems and developed for reliable and secure everyday use. Application areas of current research projects include medical technology, distributed systems, autonomous systems and digital teaching. With the Institute for Learning Services (ILD) of the THL, a long-standing, nationally recognised player in online-supported teaching and further education complements the consortium, contributes corresponding offers and expands them within the project.

The access to companies, the moderation of technology transfer - mediation between university-based research and development and entrepreneurial decision-making processes - as well as the embedding in the needs of Schleswig-Holstein's industries and technologies requires the active support of innovation and cluster specialists focused on the Schleswig-Holstein economy. The mediator function also serves to communicate the needs of Schleswig-Holstein's companies more clearly to the universities, so that innovative solutions can be designed more precisely for transfer.


The primary objective of the AI Transfer Hub Schleswig-Holstein is to establish a state-wide AI ecosystem in the field of AI transfer together with the WTSH. The economy of Schleswig-Holstein is to be opened up for the application of AI technologies as a significant factor for future innovation and competitiveness. The establishment of an innovative network in the field of AI transfer bundles the AI competence of the state and makes it visible as a beacon beyond the state borders.

The indirect goal is the knowledge and technology transfer of AI technologies and applications in companies and start-ups as well as the networking of stakeholders. This will enable them to implement their own innovative products and services in future, strengthen their competitiveness and secure jobs. The universities offer information events and other transfer measures to qualify interested companies. These present disruptive AI applications, but also technological and legal solutions to problems that benefit people. In addition, AI demonstrators are being set up where companies can "try out" ideas themselves in order to experience the advantages of AI in practice. A Co-KI-Lab is being set up at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences, which will cooperate with the successful AI-Lab in Lübeck. Furthermore, innovation workshops are offered in which basic AI skills are taught.

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This project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund