Internet Technologies

A central requirement of the future Internet will be the integration of various networking technologies to support different applications. An important role will be collection of data of the real world collecting, for example, information on certain environmental phenomena or to convey current context information to a user. Therefore, an essential technology of the future Internet will be wireless sensor and mesh networks.
So far, the end-to-end paradigm is an essential building block in the Internet, which has its origin in the 60s of the last century. End-to-end means that two communication partners exchange messages directly with each other, which are "only" forwarded in the network. In data-centric approach information/data receive addresses in the network and thus are directly addressable. CoSA investigates the role of data centric approaches in a future content-centric Internet.


Running Projects:

Completed Projects:

  • GLab (Real-World G-Lab)
  • DataCast (Datenzentrisches Netzwerkprotokoll im Internet)
  • BOSS COGNET - Bionic Observation and Survey System – Cognition and Network