HCI: Human-Computer-Interaction und Usability Engineering

The HCI group, headed by Prof. Dr. Monique Janneck, is concerned with various aspects of Human-Computer Interaction research: 

  • Sociotechnical Design: Impact of technical systems on social and organizational structures and processes; technology appropriation and software implementation processes 
  • Usability Engineering and Evaluation: Methods for participatory software development and usability evaluation 
  • Computer-mediated communication and cooperation: Designing cooperative systems and social media for learning and working processes (CSCL/CSCW) 
  • Social Media and Virtual Organizations: Analysis and design of online communities and networks

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Team members

Usability Engineering Lab

The Usability Engineering lab is used in research and teaching to develop and practice participatory and agile software engineering methods and to conduct professional usability evaluations. It is equipped with a variety of tools for recording and analysis.

Current Research Projects