Porting Contiki to recent TriSOS Hardware and Evaluate IPv6 Functionality

Status: abgeschlossen
Betreuer: Horst Hellbrück , Torsten Teubler
Student: n.a.


Wireless sensor networks (WSN) are networks of small computers equipped with sensors and thus perceive their environment. WSN and their applications are already well studied many years. A new trend in sensor network research is the question how to connect them to the Internet. One approach is a native implementation of TCP/IP stacks which run on each sensor node. This approach is also evolved in the Contiki project (uIP). There are also some sophisticated networked applications developed on top of the uIP stack like web or CoAP server. The gateway which connects the WSN to an IP based network can be a normal PC equipped with an AVR Raven USB stick with a special Contiki firmware. The Raven stick is recognized as a common Ethernet adapter by the PC. It translates Ethernet frames to 6LoWPAN frames (IPv6 over 802.15.4) and vice versa. As far as we know there is no support for routing on the Raven stick. In our research group we take a different approach integrating WSN into IP based networks. We use our flexible gateway EZgate implementing a full IPV4/IPv6 TCP/IP stack and WSN routing protocols. New WSN protocols can be introduced easily. Our approach is an alternative and competing approach to that used in Contiki to some extent. To compare our approach to the one proposed in Contiki we need the Contiki approach working.


This work should port Contiki to our new TriSOS Hardware. The effort to do this can be considered as low because we ported Contiki already to our established TriSOS hardware which is similar to our new hardware. Furthermore, it should be examined if there is an IPv6 routing protocol working also on the Raven stick enabling a communication between a PC and a node in the WSN over more than a single hop. According to the Contiki website ContikiRPL – the new default routing protocol for IPv6 in WSN – is already implemented. Our last test showed that this doesn’t work for the Raven stick. This may have changed in the meantime. Maybe, there are some alternative implementations for Contiki dealing with IPv6 and routing which should be regarded as well.


  • Very good skills in problem-abstraction
  • Good knowledge of C programming
  • Willingness to read and analyze code and RFC's (Request for Comments)
  • Good knowledge of microcontroller programming with Atmel microcontrollers
  • Good self-organized working skills
  • Good knowledge of the English language