Distance estimation for a mobile robot platform with Microsoft Kinect

Status: abgeschlossen
Betreuer: Horst Hellbrück , Mathias Pelka
Student: Liuhan Pan


To determine the position of a mobile robot distance estimation can be used. Microsoft Kinect allows distance estimation with depth images. Further the device features an optical camera which provide RGB images. With image processing, additional data can be retrieved from the device.


Within this thesis a Microsoft Kinect has to be connected to a PC. For this task, we use small personal computers which are mounted on a mobile robot platform. A software will be written for the PC's to analyse image data from the Microsoft Kinect. Frameworks like OpenCV can be used to manipulate images e.g. to isolate objects within an image. When the object is isolated distance estimation to that point in the image is performed. The software, including the PC is supposed to be mounted on a mobile robot platform e.g. a Roomba robot.


  • Isolate an object from an image using Kinect
  • Determine distance to that object using distance estimation based on the Kinect
  • Mount Kinect to a mobile robot platform and determine distances to objects
  • Evaluate results


  • Basic programming language, preferable C#.
  • Basic knowledge of image processing.
  • Understanding of English language.