Client / Server Data Base Application for QR Code Navigation

Status: abgeschlossen
Betreuer: Horst Hellbrück , Mathias Pelka
Student: Marco Buchholz


In the past we have investigated QR codes for positioning. For instance, we are able to retrieve the orientation of the QR code with respect to the camera and store positioning information in the QR code. In another work we used the positioning information in the QR code to navigate around the campus. The data was stored in a local database.


This work combines the orientation information together with the navigation of the other work. We extend the work by retrieving the database from a server. We aim for a holistic application which loads a database from a server and allows navigation based on QR codes mounted at wall or name plates. This allows offline indoor navigation for instance, when WiFi is not available.


  • Create an architecture to retrieve the database from a server.
  • Retrieve orientation information from scanned QR codes.
  • Use this database to navigate around places.


  • Knowledge of Java and object oriented programming language
  • Reading and understanding English as some documents are only available in English