Evaluation of Bluetooth Low Energy for Indoor Localization

Status: abgeschlossen
Betreuer: Horst Hellbrück , Mathias Pelka
Student: Thore Kirchmann


Position estimation is a challenging task. In the past various technologies have been employed from received signal strength, connectivity based to time based systems. Localization systems based on received signal strength, for instance Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, offer the advantage that existing infrastructure can be used. However, the accuracy of signal strength based positioning methods is limited compared to time based localization systems.


This project investigates the capabilities of Bluetooth based localization. It will investigate readily available products, e.g. Apples iBeacon, and evaluate the performances in terms of accuracy and precision and compare the results to Ultra-Wideband localization systems.


  • Create a model for signal strength information in radio environments
  • Create an application to evaluate the signal strength of bluetooth devices
  • Compare the result to an Ultra-Wideband time based positioning system


  • Experience with microcontrollers and radio chips is beneficial.
  • Programming skills.