Test and evaluation of the Cooja Network Simulator

Status: abgeschlossen
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Student: Sébastien Samson


The Cooja Simulator is provided by the Contiki project specifically designed for wireless sensor networks (WSN), which unlike most simulators also allows emulation of real hardware platforms. Setting up large networks on physical nodes is costly and complex, thus using a simulator to develop and test systems in advance can be quite useful. On the other hand, simulators can allow rapid prototyping and testing on large networks, while also being able to execute tasks faster than real-time. The purpose of this project is to test and evaluate the Cooja simulator for a few scenarios covering the deployment of wireless sensor nodes for real world applications.


The first step to any good simulation testing is the planning. This includes familiarization with Contiki-NG, one or two hardware platforms, simulations in general and design of wireless sensor networks for a small number of applications. In order to be able to carry out testing and evaluation of Cooja, a few scenarios for given applications have to be created. The results of the conducted simulations shall be examined, therefore they have to be compared to models or measurements. This comparsion is key in the evaluation.


  • Documentation including cheat sheet/quick start guide, scenarios and evaluation
  • Well documented evaluation of Cooja including measurements, models and code
  • Resilient statement about the overall performance of Cooja


  • Get to know necessary details of Contiki as well as details of one or two hardware platforms on a basic level for emulation in Cooja
  • Development of simple analytical models for chosen scenarios to test simulation results
  • Conduct of measurements for chosen scenarios on given hardware to test simulation results
  • Documentation and evaluation of the simulation results
  • Creation of a cheat sheet or quick start guide as a starting point for one digging into Cooja


  • Good knowledge of C programming language
  • Basic knowledge in wireless communication
  • Interest in simulations and network design
  • Willingness to familiarize yourself with Contiki-NG and Cooja
  • Digging into design and deployment of wireless sensor networks
  • Independent and self-organized working