Survey of Ad-Hoc Network Simulation and Performance Evaluation

Status: abgeschlossen
Betreuer: Horst Hellbrück
Student: Xu Chengyuan


Simulations in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANET) are widely used for performance evaluation of protocols and scenarios. Unfortunately the simulation results are not comparable between simulators. In this work we want to investigate how different the results in different simulators really are.


The work of this diploma thesis project comprises a survey of existing Ad-Hoc Network Simulators and the evaluation of these simulators.

  • Comprehensive Study of existing wireless Network Simulators (like ns-2, ns-3 ...) including Test Installation in a Virtual Machine.
  • Specification of one or several Mobile Ad-Hoc-Scenarios for Comparison of the Simulators (Number of nodes, mobility, routing, network traffic)
  • Setting up the Scenarios in the selected Network Simulators
  • Select Criterias and perform Evaluation of the network simulators
  • Summarize Findings including illustration (graphs, tables, etc.)


  • VMs with the installed Network Simulators including
    • Scenario
    • Script Files (batch) to start the Scenario
    • Evaluation scripts for Performance Results
  • Thesis Report including
    • Survey
    • Description of the Implementation
    • Evaluation of the Network Simulators.
    • Results of Comparison


  • Willingness to learn more about Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks
  • Basic Knowledge of Mobile Communications, Programming and Networking Protocols
  • Basic Configuration Knowledge of Operating Systems including linux and Compilers