Enhancement of a Code Generator for System Integration in the Context of AUV Control

Status: abgeschlossen
Betreuer: Horst Hellbrück/a> , Torsten Teubler
Student: n.a.


In the context of the BOSS (Bionic Observation and Survey System) project we are developing an autonomous, intelligent, and cooperative behavior for AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles). For autonomous and intelligent control so called expert systems turn out as a proven solution. Therefore, we integrated an expert system (CLIPS) into a command and control software (DUNE) for AUV's. From our previous work in that field we learned that this integration can be achived with automatically generated code using existing information. We also learned that our current approach can be enhanced by using sophisticated mechanisms of the CLIPS expert system.


In this work an existing code generator implemented at the COSA research group has to be enhanced to generate code for DUNE-CLIPS integration based on the CLIPS object system (COOL). Furthermore, mechanisms in CLIPS have to be implemented to ease the use for expert systems programmers. Details of the implementation are discussed with the supervisor during the thesis work.


  • Getting familiar with code generation using our existing approach.
  • Implemetation of a code generator (in C) for DUNE-CLIPS integration based on the CLIPS object system COOL.
  • The implementation has to provide mechanisms to ease the use for expert system developers e.g. by extending the CLIPS functionality.
  • The implementation has to be tested with a CLIPS program covering all integration features proving that the approach is functional.


  • Good knowledge of C/C++.
  • Willingness to learn the basics of the CLIPS expert system including the object system COOL.
  • Very good skills in problem-abstraction.
  • Good self-organized working skills.
  • Knowledge of the English language.